Dental Panoramic X-ray

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Dental Panoramic X-ray, also known as an orthopantomogram (OPT) or OPG X-ray, provides a comprehensive view of your entire mouth in a single image. Unlike other dental X-rays that focus on individual teeth or specific sections, panoramic X-rays show the big picture. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. What It Shows:
    • Teeth: You can easily see existing fillings, tooth decay, and wisdom teeth.
    • Tooth Decay: Especially under fillings or between adjacent teeth.
    • Tooth Infections: Including abscesses at tooth roots or below the gum line.
    • Impacted Wisdom Teeth: These often require attention.
    • Bone Loss: Detecting jawbone issues related to gum disease or missing teeth.
    • Hyperdontia and Hypodontia: Conditions involving too many or too few teeth genetically.
    • Tumors: Linked to jaw cancer or oral cancer.
    • Treatment Planning: Dentists use panoramic X-rays to assess your oral health remotely and estimate treatment costs before your clinic visit.
    • Additional Scans: Sometimes, a periapical radiograph (detailed view of several teeth) or a 3D dental CT scan is necessary for specific cases, such as assessing bone density for tooth implants.
  2. How It Works:
    • A panoramic X-ray machine has two components: an X-ray tube and a film or detector.
    • During the procedure:
      • Your head is supported while the arm rotates 180 degrees around it.
      • The rotating arm captures the full image, showing your entire mouth.
    • Dentists and oral surgeons use these images for accurate diagnoses and treatment planning.
    • If your usual dentist doesn’t have the equipment, they can recommend a nearby clinic that offers panoramic X-rays

Remember, Dental Panoramic X-rays provide valuable insights for maintaining your oral health and planning necessary treatments. Schedule your appointment today for a clearer view of your smile! 🦷


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Our Dental Panoramic X-ray service captures a single image that reveals your teeth, jawbones, and surrounding facial structures.


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